Meet the band

Smooth, Loud, Sassy & Funny. Meet Diane !

Diva Diane Craig.
Vocals, Tambourine, cowbell.
She is many things to many people but she is an experience that is best summed up by one word...UNIQUE!

Diane is a valued member of PSG who never fails to make us laugh. She is the perfect person to go toe to toe with our
much loved (cough cough) leader Harold Kramer and to watch them is more fun than watching WWF. Oh by the way laughing
is another thing Diane is known for. She is always laughing which is good because she has a great smile and personality.

The other thing she does well is sing her ass off! No joke there. She is the one person that has the voice to be on
a national stage. She has power in her voice and it never wears down during a show. She can sound soulful one minute
and hard and tuff the next. She did try out for American Idol in Louisville but their loss was our gain.

Lady Diane is a Cat lover and she has many cats to keep her busy when she is not on stage. Her children and her
hubby Phil( great guitarist)occupy her time as well. Of course music is a great love. Her passion shows on stage
and she says that music is her escape from things that bring her down like her 9 to 5 day job. And so she trys
to "escapes" when ever she can. But I think the biggest love for Diane is...SHOPPING and MONEY! No surprise here.
Diane is a born shopper. During a weekend when we did a show at the Seasons Lodge in Nashville IN. we all went
shopping. I know Diane hit every store (more than once) she shopped, and we dropped. One of her favorite sayings
has been "show me the money" and I now know why! Finally another love is making jokes. She makes lots of them. She
is really great to be around if your down. She will get you up fast. And charge you a fee for doing it but what
the hell. I guess its worth it.

To sum up Diane is a sweet,tuff,lovable, don't get her pissed,insane,take no prisoners,hard core shopping junkie,
cat loving, killer of a singer that gives PSG a great weapon in the battle of the bands war zone. We would not be as good
without her. But don't tell her that or she will start asking for a pay hike again. 
Ronnie Mullins

Ron "Rock Star" Mullins
Lead And Backing Vocals, Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards
Ron Mullins is a long serving member of Pawnshop Guitar. He was an early addition back during the band's formitive years and has had a lot of influence on the sound and look of the group.  After playing in the band for many years, he took a break for a few years to work on solo projects in his studio or so he says but stories involving chicken farming have been whispered about by those close to the situation. But whatever the reasons, we are glad he has returned to hold down one of the two guitar chairs in PSG.
Ron has a passion for playing music, and that is evident when watching him play live. He really gets into a song and seems to lose himself in the music. He is the "kid" of the group and so you may see him do a back flip from the drum riser at any time during a show. He is also quite diverse in his choices of songs as well as his gear. You may see him shred on a Fender Strat for a classic rock song, and then change to a PRS or Les Paul for a modern pop song,  then lend a hand on keyboards for a soulful RnB ballad.  So no matter which instrument he plays, he always gets that sweetness of tone and musical perfection that is part of the signature sound of Pawnshop Guitar.
Like everyone in Pawnshop Guitar, Ron is very approachable as a person. He is always willing to talk to people who approach him at our shows and has a knack for putting people at ease. He loves to joke around and has been known to crack people up with his "Austin Powers" impressions. Yeah baby!  He is also a loving husband and father to a son who is a budding musician as well. Next time you see us live come up and say hello to Ron and the rest of the band.​

Sticks are Flying with Harold Kramer

by Spotlighter
Oct 26, 2007
His motor is always running. No matter if he's laying down the beat for PSG, or chasing the
big ones at the lake, or flying a plane over the countryside, Harold "The Hammer" Kramer
is always moving ahead at full speed. He can be a whip cracking SOB when the band needs a
kick in the rear as well as the first one to offer help when a member is having problems.
He has a pretty thankless job but hell he's a big boy and I know he can take it.

The first myth I am about to explode has to do with a perception that The Hammer can not sing.
Yes America Harold Kramer can sing! But... do we really want him to? That is the question.
Yes if given the right songs. He has sung that "padunkadunk" song with PSG and could do a good
job with Amos Moses as well. We'll keep on pushing him to get out front again soon.

The 2nd myth is that he don't need any help cause he can do it all himself. Truth is like all of us
in PSG Harold has a supporter/secret weapon that stands behind him(she puts up with him) to keep
him on the right path. She also has to put up with all of us and so has earned the nick name of...
"mommy". Its his wife Susan. She has been a big reason Pawnshop Guitar has had the success it has.
We have taken over her home at times for practice and impromtu meals(much thanks) and she helps to set up and tear down equipment. The Hammer does alot but She is the glue that holds it together.

Myth #3: The Hammer is shy! Not! On stage he is kinda hidden behind his drum kit but the showman comes out
in him and he twirls his sticks or as we all know TO too well will even send a stick flying out to the crowd.
We have learned to duck while playing. He also will yell out some hell yeas and "what whats" during the songs. We
try to make him behave himself but nothing seems to work. He prides himself on being just "a good ole country boy".
At some gigs Harold plays on his electronic kit which has some cool sounds built into its brain but he always prefers
his regular black beauties which he takes the time to tune up for the best sound.

Fishing is a big passion for Harold and you can find him on the water getting his line wet during
his free times. He claims to be good at it but he has never shown me any evidence to support that.
Hint: invite me...but for now I'll take him at his word. He also has a license to fly and goes up when
ever he can. His father also flys so I guess that is in his blood. Again I've never been invited to go up.
(I'm not feelin the love here). Anyway as you can see our dynamic drummer is a man of many talents and
passions. One final thing you may not know about, He played pro basketball in Europe in his younger days.
(back when peach baskets were the norm I think.)

So the next time you come see us perform, please be sure to come up and give the drummer some love. 
He will be much easier on us if you do!


Jim Hickerson PSG's Teddy Bear! 

Back in the day at Jeffersonville High, a man loomed large on the football field. He gained a rep for being a hard hitter and I'm sure more than one tear was shed after making contact with this football master. Now he is making people shed more tears with his soulful and smooth guitar work for Pawnshop Guitar. "Big Jim" Hickerson has earned the respect of alot of people in this area both players and fans. Yet he carries no big attitude or ego. He remains humble and in his own few words "I just want to play guitar".

Music making can be stressful at times. Unlike the big and famous guys we weekend warriors must load and also unload our own gear, do setups, run sound, perform and then tear everything down vary late at night. But Jim seems to enjoy it. He is always ready to play guitar.
The joy of music can be seen as he performs. He has a constant smile on his face and lets nothing faze him.  When the rest of us are in panick mode over something Jim is always calm. "Take it easy we'll be alright" is another phrase we hear from Jim.

On stage with his trusty fender strapped on Jim goes about his business making it look easy. One minute he is strumming laid back and low, the next a blues run is ripping out of his amp and he is in that zone that musicians know. Where you are in complete control of the world at that time and nothing matters more than giving the people what they paid for. His playing has been called powerful and sweet. And when he starts to jam his idol Jimmy Hendricks, our Jim gets down right NASTY!! He has played things in practice that make me stop and just listen and marvel at his musical gifts.

As a person Jim is a kind and warm man that will help out anyway he can. He has seen all kinds of problems and sad situations in his life and has been up close and personal with the darker sides of our community. Yet he never lets things keep him from going out to
pack up those cases, tune up those guitars, and help Pawnshop Guitar be the best of the best for our fans. When you see us at a show please make it a point to come up and speak to Jim. He is a player that's worth getting to know. 

Darryl Brooks

Darryl came to us through a very good friend. Darryl brings our band up several levels with his soulful keyboard playing and singing. When he leaves the keys, "it's party time". Darryl has this uncanny way of waking up the audience and the band as well. He works so very hard to please the audience and they pick up on it and respond back with dancing, cheering, screaming, and yes sometimes flashing themselves. Thanks for that Darryl (he he)

At times I find myself going to Darryl for advice or mediation. You see, Darryl is a very intelligent and worldly man. He has a good working knowledge of a lot of things. He and I find ourselves disagreeing on how to handle things at times but generally we both compromise. Much to his credit because we all know, I am not one for compromise. Don't ever think you will win an argument about sports with him. Darryl is a sports analyst and can site stats that would put ESPN to shame.

The best attribute in my opinion Darryl has is his very lovable, honest, and friendly persona. Darryl is a true friend and lives his life as a Christian, Husband, Father, and Party Monsta. It is my opinion that he is the biggest asset in the band and pours his heart and soul into making us what we are. Thank You Darryl for all that you are and do. 
We love you son!! 
Gene Oliver



Saxaphones, Keyboards, Lead and Backing Vocals, MC
Every band has that one member that brings laughter and enthusiasm to everything they do. Gene is that guy for Pawnshop Guitar. When he arrives for practice you know it from the big booming laughter and the hearty "whats up" greeting. From the time Gene joined the band, he has added a new dimension to both the sound and personality of PSG. Gene is one of the more studied musicians and has been groomed in the jazz, RnB and soul traditions. He has absorbed a lot of the Austin and Huston TX music scenes in which he frequented for many years and instills that style ino his own signature sound. He is truely a disciple of "The Groove" and the master of funk. 
As the "MC" for the band, it's Genes job to talk to the crowd and establish the fact that PSG is there to party. This he does with ease as it fits his personality to a T. If you've ever heard Gene laugh out loud you will appreciate his humor.  With his signature dark sunglasses on and deep throated voice you can't help but be pulled into his party time world. When he asks the crowd to "make some noise" they can't help but respond and the band feeds off that as well taking the music to another level.
​As a player, Gene brings to the table a "saxaholic" personality.  He adds that "smooth" sweet sound only a sax can provide.  Gene leaves the stage with his horn and weaves through the crowd, wowing them to the point that they feel as though they are apart of the show.  When the song's done, you can actually feel the roar from the crowd. It's one of the highlights of a PSG live performance that keeps the crowds coming back again and again. He has also taken on playing keyboards for a few tunes as well. It is really a plus having such a versatile and gifted musician in the band
Vocally, Gene has started to step out front a bit more these days. He taken on lead vocals for 3 songs and backing vocals on many more. He has a unique vocal style and quality that carries from the stage to the back of the room.  
In the studio, Gene provides great insight to the minute parts of each song which equate to great sounds on stage.  Again, it's all about the groove and Gene nails that down. He has a good ear and picks up on notes and changes in songs to help perfect our performances. He helps with the harmony vocals as well as some of the arrangements for the other instruments. Again, if you come to a PSG show take the time to talk to Gene. Not only will you experience his great musical gifts but more importantly his love for life.


Mike Lankford
Bass Guitar
Awhile back, when Pawnshop Guitar found itself in need of a new bass player, the group put out the call and many responded. After an exhaustive search and many auditions one bad ass bass slinger was left standing.  Meet PSG's new Boomer, Mike Lankford!
As the newest addition to PSG, Mike easily manages the bass parts we throw at him. If we throw out a new song idea, chances are he has already performed it many times. He is always prepared for practice and that really shows on stage.   
During the shows poor Mike hides behind everyone else, but don't let that fool you, he is carrying the load for the band. He is a shy genius with the bass guitar. He prefers the audience to feel his presence and lets his bass do the talking. He displays a solid foundation for the rest of the band to stand on and play off of. His quiet demeanor is the secret to his amazing technique. Just when you are not expecting it, he cuts loose with a deep gut punch that knocks you out of your seat and on to the dance floor.
Mike is a family man and US Air Force Vet. He has proven to us that he is a person we can count on to provide everything PSG needs from the bass side of the band. And he has shown himself to be a great addition to PSG. He has a sly sense of humor that he sneaks in and catches you off guard. He provides perfection in his craft and the last piece of the PSG musical puzzle. We feel as though he is starting to emerge from his shell of shyness and will soon bust out with his wireless guitar.  When he does, everyone will see what we see everyday,  BOOM.